My Dearest Husband

I truly believe our story was the greatest love story ever told. We meet on that night in Dublin your first night out in the city after you arrived, back in January 7 years ago. And it was love at first sight. We madly fell for each other and I knew only after a few short weeks that I found my soul mate, that I would marry you, grow old with you, and love you forever. I knew we would face all life challenges together. For we face so many challenges on our journey and we always made it through. But I never imagined I’d lose you from my side so very soon. Too soon!

We really loved each other and always dreamed big even though at sometimes it all seemed so impossible, but we managed to live and enjoy every moment we shared together with great love and joy. For you lit up my world. You had so many dreams and adventures you wanted us to have and take. Baby we made so many great memories and I will cherish every single one of them while we are apart. We once made it through having a long distance relationship and we turned out to be truly magical together. So this part of our story is our Part II, we survived it once before and we will do it again.

Baby this is your solo adventure, your me time, so please enjoy and experience all your dreams you want to in this new world of yours. And while you are on your adventure, I will continue with our dreams and plans here in our world until we are reunited again one day my love. And then we can share our adventures and continue on our story together, continue with our happy ending.

Until then baby, I will miss you so very much, I will miss your smiles, Your big heart, Your hugs and your calmness. But I will continue to beat on and I’ll remember to ‘Chill out, keep calm and breathe’, just like you always told me to. Baby I loved you so very much, I love you still, I will love you forever.

Be free and enjoy your new adventure until I see you again baby.

My heart is always and forever yours.


Your loving wife xoxo



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