Daily prompt – “COMPANION”

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Ok so “Daily Prompt” task.. First time to do this.. So here it goes… Please note, in case any of my followers decide to unfollow me before finishing my post, It’s likely I won’t be taking part in this daily prompt task EVERY day, even I don’t have that much to say.. But I’ve decided to join in today as it’s a fitting word for me… Companion !

For those that haven’t read my recent blog pieces, my space is about my companion, my late husband… Of late I know I’ve been pretty sombre some might think, pretty heavy hearted, whilst sharing about my time since my hubby passed but hey it’s my life now and it’s not been rosy and all “shits and giggles” and I, and indeed others need to understand that starting over can be a hard and difficult process after waiting your whole life to find your soul mate, your truest best friend, your partner in crime and someone that is as crazy as you are but gets you, your life partner and companion… it can be a “bitter pill” to swallow.. I may have had to swallow this so called “bitter pill” a few times to get it, that this is a process of grief and you need to accept it’s not going to be easy or indeed be over quickly. So you deal with it and get your head around it in your own time, but please remember, don’t ever stop fighting..

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I constantly remember that miserable black Monday in November when a big explosion went off in my life for so many reasons as loosing my dearest companion wasn’t the only life altering situation for me and my family that day but it has by far been the biggest and most shocking to deal with alone, well for me anyway..

It’s been really unnerving getting used to having to go through and deal with all these difficult situations on my own, during a time when you’re not fully whole, you’re now singular, you’re not part of a pair, for you don’t have your partner in crime helping you, because you don’t think the same as you used to, as you were so used to having another opinion whilst trashing it out with your other half. In my head and life before, all my life mini dramas were so monstrous at that time to get over by myself that I was so used to my hubby being my common and calming sense to say “hey babe chill out dude!” Thinking back now, holy cow, they just seem so insignificant and I think jesus what a drama queen I was and how on earth did my patient hubby put up with me… But now, I find myself trying at least, to make situations and life more simplistic as having to deal with anything more than you can handle, can be a difficult challenge, so it’s best to bring it all back to basics. Start over from scratch,as you are now your biggest and most important life partner and companion, so understanding that early in the process of grief can be easier to deal and take on other issues down the road. Well it has been for me anyhow!!

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SO BE KIND TO YOURSELF (and trust me, you will hear that said a lot from people that understand what you are going through and you will just get it, even if they don’t have any other advice only this, because you know from where it is coming from, it’s their newly found inner companion) …


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