Life switch

A search on how to switch it off !

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Hey, so it’s been awhile since my last piece.. Not sure why I took so long, I could give you a whole load of different excuses or reasons but I won’t, I’ll simply say; I’ve been lying low, keeping my head down, and trying to figure a few things out. Well trying to at least. As much as I thought to myself,  maybe today or tomorrow even, I’ll come up with a new way of switching it off, turning off the crazy life switch.

I went off the grid for a couple of weeks to go on this crazy search, but I didn’t find what I was desperately seeking or initially set out to find. It began, almost like I was looking to push this big obvious, bright red switch, somewhere in a magical, mystical place in my head and all I needed to do was push it and it would simply change everything in an instant. Just like in Alice in Wonderland but instead of a tag that reads drink me, it would read, PUSH ME !

I came to realise, there wasn’t a switch to push, I couldn’t find it, for it simply doesn’t exist.  However I did realise something that was obvious in the end, instead of that big bright red switch, it said “LIVE LIFE ! ” And from realising that, you must find a new way to keep living it, no matter what is going on in your heart or head that set, me anyhow, out on this crazy search to try switch it off, instead you must Live Life, simply Live It !

So to save others going on that search to try stop it, rewind it, fast forward it or turn it off. You can’t !! Nor can you press a PAUSE switch to say “Life, Hang on a second”.

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Instead you are reminded, and in my case by my 10 year old nephew, that you can take time out, switch off, and pause to take a breath and you don’t need to push the big red switch.. For it’s simple and obvious to me and was staring at me this whole time..  all with the gift of a Mindfulness book…  a reminder that you don’t need to go in search of a magical or mystical switch, instead, just breath, take a moment and continue on with living life …




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