Embolic, Guided Meditation ..

My new journey begins… after some well needed and emergency sessions of mindfulness this whole week. What better way to continue with my refreshed mindset and with the saying – I’ll start as I mean to go on, firmly on my mind, so I decided to accept an invitation to join a group guided meditation, in celebration of Embolic, Saint/ Goddess Brigid.

Here’s to all us women out there wanting to embrace our inner goddess or inner St Brigid … be it on a religious or non religious level..whichever tickles your fancy..either way embrace it … well I did and I was surprised, maybe you will too…

It was my first group experience and with my emotions very heightened at the moment, I felt very open to what it might bring. I went into the session with no great expectations but with a willingness to accept what came my way and I’m pleasantly surprised with my experience. I eased into it and embraced the flow of energy and images that flowed… Let’s hope it has eased the mind and I will get some very welcomed and much needed restful sleep..without the onslaught of vivid dreaming…With that said I will leave it here for now and with my collage of images above of what the guided meditation experience was like for me …



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