Lost in thoughts and memories . . .

I find myself drifting these past few days, drifting and lost in thoughts.. My mind is full of so many memories it’s almost like they are fighting among each other to be remembered first.. Read More »


Hope and Gratitude

Showing that you care and will take the time to stop and listen, can mean the world to someone who maybe just needs your ear for you to listen to their words. Who maybe needs your shoulder for them to lean against to keep them upright and strong. Or needs your heart to give them your love and support to help them move forward. So thank you for showing me all of the above,  I promise to pass it on …


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My Dearest Husband

I truly believe our story was the greatest love story ever told. We meet on that night in Dublin your first night out in the city after you arrived, back in January 7 years ago. And it was love at first sight. We madly fell for each other and I knew only after a few short weeks that I found my soul mate, that I would marry you, grow old with you, and love you forever. I knew we would face all life challenges together. For we face so many challenges on our journey and we always made it through. But I never imagined I’d lose you from my side so very soon. Too soon!Read More »

First blog post

My first blog post, not going to lie I’m a little scared and feeling a bit overwhelmed but I thought to myself, go, just do it. While it is a scary thought to write and share with you my personal experiences,thoughts and my journey with grief, I hope it will aid me in my healing of loosing my dear husband. I hope this space will be full of positive and supportive vibes, as the life gurus would say, you get out of life what you put out into the universe.

So ,what will this blog be about and how will it help others and will it be depressing ? Well I hope to share with you my personal experiences with dealing with life now after the loss of my dear husband and my wishes and hopes for a bright future with positive quotes, motivational pieces but also sharing on the good and bad of grief.  I promise to keep it light for the most part, but baring all may be sad and difficult at times, but it may bring strenght and love to others whom are dealing and enduring one of the toughest and most difficult times in life one can go through, that is the tragic loss of a loved one. Also I thought I’d either, write, or go to therapy.. So figured I’d be creative and bare my heart and write about it instead, after all it can’t do much harm and it’s not as expensive , right ?? ;o) xxx

The name of this blog is a moto my husband always used to tell me and we tried to live by it, until I realised when he left how very important his life lessons were for me to actually live by and put into my every day practice. So I’m going to do just that and I would like to share it with you too, so here it is peeps.. Chill Out, Keep Calm and Breathe …..  xoxo